NECTA Matokeo ya kidato cha Nne 2023-24 CSEE Results Checker Release

NECTA Matokeo ya kidato cha Nne 2023-25 CSEE Results Checker Release

Welcome to our website In This Article, are you looking for NECTA Matokeo ya kidato cha Nne 2023-24 CSEE Results Checker Release jinsi ya kuangalia matokeo ya kidato cha nne 2023 ( form four results 2023 ) online / How to check 2023 CSEE Results online updated.

The Tanzania Examinations Council (NECTA) announced the results of form four: Total candidates: 422,722 Passed: 340,914
The results of the form four exam in 2021 and noted that 422,388 school candidates equal to 87.30% of the 483,820 candidates with results have passed their exams Success has increased by 1.46% compared to 2020.
Tanzania Examinations Council (NECTA) January 29, 2023 They announced the results of the kidato cha nne exams in 2022 where 456,975 School Candidates out of 520,558 Candidates with results which is equal to 87.79% succeeded by getting grades from first grade, second grade , third grade and fourth grade.
Among them 243,285 Girls (87.08%) and 213,690 Boys (88.60%), the success of School Candidates increased by 0.49% compared to 2021
The council expects to announce the results of the form four (matokeo ya kidato cha nne) exam for the year 2023. Where these results will be the measure of the student to continue with the studies of the form five for the year 2024/2025. At the same time, waiting for the names of those who will be selected to join the Form Five and also, the names of those who will be selected to join the various Colleges in Tanzania
The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology continues to strengthen cooperation with international organizations and the private sector in improving the education sector in the country. January 18, 2024 in Dodoma Prof. Carolyne Nombo, Secretary General of the Ministry held a meeting with Mr. James Mclntyre, Head of Education at the Mastercard Foundation, who was also accompanied by the Director of Regional Cooperation from the Educate Organization, Mr. Kamanda Kamiri. The main goal of the meeting was to introduce the institutions to the work they are doing and to identify various areas of cooperation in Education, Science and Technology.


Matokeo ya kidato cha Nne
Matokeo ya kidato cha Nne

The National Examinations Council of Tanzania (NECTA) is Government Institution which was established by the Parliamentary Act No. 21 of 1973. NECTA is responsible for the administration of all National Examinations and Assessments in Tanzania.

Results will be released on 8:00 AM

Form four 2023 ResultsCheck results online
Matokeo kidato cha nne 2023check all region (Mikoa yote)

The NECTA Form Four results are eagerly awaited by students, parents, and guardians across the country. This is because these results give an insight into how the student did in the final examination of the fourth form. These results show the marks that the student has obtained in a certain period of the exam.

There are various ways through which one can get the NECTA form four result. One of those ways is through NECTA’s official website, where one can select the result service and enter the year of the exam along with the student’s registration number. This will show its results in detail.

Another available method is by sending SMS messages. By using the special USSD number provided by NECTA, *152*00#, you can access your fourth form result easily and quickly. Just follow the on-screen instructions to get your results.

These NECTA results are very important for students who hope to enter the fifth form and technical colleges, as these results provide a guide to the choice of subjects they can choose. Also, parents and guardians rely on these results for planning their child’s future education.

Educational institutions and places of employment also use these results as a valid student record. Thus, these NECTA results are important in building a student’s academic history and contributing to his future development.

It is good to note that these results are not intended to defame the student or damage his reputation. Instead, its main goal is to provide accurate information about the student’s performance so that he can know the areas in which he needs to improve and make the right educational decisions.

These NECTA Matokeo ya kidato cha Nne 2023-24 CSEE Results also help teachers and schools in evaluating their effectiveness. Through these results, teachers can gain insight into how they taught their students and make appropriate adjustments to improve their students’ results in the future.

Jinsi ya kuangalia Matokeo ya kidato cha nne 2023?
Here are four easy steps to follow to check your NECTA Form Four result:

  • Step 1: Get your registration number

Before checking your result, you need to know your registration number. This registration number is given by your school when registering for the Form Four exam. Make sure you have your registration number ready before starting the process.

  • Step 2: Visit NECTA official website

After obtaining your registration number, visit NECTA’s official website which is This website offers the service of checking Form Four results. Open your browser and enter that address in the search field.

  • Step 3: Select the output service

After accessing the NECTA website, you will see the home page with a list of various services. Choose a service related to Form Four results. For example, you can click “Results” to continue.

  • Step 4: Enter your details and check the results

Click the button to check the results. After that, your Form IV result will be displayed on your screen.

It is important to remember that this process may vary slightly depending on the changes NECTA may make. So, it is best to follow the instructions on their website when viewing your results…

How to check 2023 form four results
Dial *152*00#
Choose number 8. EDUCATION
Choose number 2. NECTA
Select the type of service 1. RESULTS
Select the type of Exam 2.ACSEE
Write the Exam number and Year Example: S0334-0556-2019 Choose the type of Payment (Cost per SMS is Tshs 100/=) After completing the payment you will receive a text message of the result…

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