NECTA Matokeo ya kidato cha Nne 2023-24 Dar CSEE Results Checker Release

NECTA Matokeo ya kidato cha Nne 2023-24 Dar CSEE Results Checker Release

Thanks, Welcome to our website In This Post, are you looking for NECTA Matokeo ya kidato cha Nne 2023-24 Dar CSEE Results Checker Release mkoa wa dar es salaam (mikoa yote) jinsi ya kuangalia matokeo ya form four 2023 NECTA Form Four Results how to check result online or through SMS this updated today February 2024.

In the results, Dr. Msonde said Kemebos school in Kagera ranked first in the top 10 nationally followed by St. Francis (Mbeya), Waja (Geita), Bright Future Girls (Dar es Salaam), Bethel Sabs Girls (Iringa), Mau Seminary (Kilimanjaro) and Feza Boys’ (Dar es Salaam).

Other schools are Precious Blood in Coast region, Feza Girls’ (Dar es Salaam) and Mzumbe in Morogoro region.

Dr Msonde said Consolata Lubuva who was studying at St Francis emerged first nationally in the top 10 list of candidates who performed well.

Regarding the general performance, the acting executive of Necta said that of all the candidates who took the exam, 456,975 equal to 87.79 percent succeeded by getting first to fourth grade including 243,285 boys equal to 87.08 percent and 213,690 equal to 88.60 percent of girls.

On that basis, the success rate increased by 0.49 percent from 422,388 successful candidates last year.

When the situation is like that, Amasi said 333 students have had their results canceled after they were found to have cheated and one of them is a knowledge student (QT).

For last year 2022, the subject of mathematics has continued to be an unsolvable puzzle after 79.92 percent of the candidates who took the exam failed. Therefore, we expect this year 2023 to see a great success compared to other years.

This year’s results will be announced soon and the information below is one of the ways to be able to check the results when they are announced on the NECTA website, and at the same time relying on TAMISEMI to provide a complete list of the names of those selected to join form five and various selections colleges.


Matokeo ya kidato cha Nne Dar
Matokeo ya kidato cha Nne Dar

The National Examinations Council of Tanzania (NECTA) is Government Institution which was established by the Parliamentary Act No. 21 of 1973. NECTA is responsible for the administration of all National Examinations and Assessments in Tanzania. [About necta]

The Matokeo ya kidato cha nne 2023 Dar Es Salaam is the result of the final examination of the fourth form for students in the region of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. The region of Dar Es Salaam is known as the center of education and many national schools are located here. Thus, the results of the fourth form from this region are given with great importance.

Matokeo ya kidato cha nne Dar Es Salaam 2023Verify results online
Dar City Form four resultsForm IV check through SMS

Adding to its importance, the form four results 2023 of Dar Es Salaam help students and parents to know how the student did in that important exam. These results provide academic insight to the student and can be used as a guide for choosing fifth-form courses and technical colleges.

The results of the form four in Dar Es Salaam are also an indicator of the quality of education in this region. It provides general statistics about the effectiveness of schools and teachers in the region. These data can be used by the government and education stakeholders to improve education systems and take measures to improve student outcomes.

So, How you can check matokeo kidato cha nne 2023/24 CSEE results?

To check/view the Matokeo Kidato Cha Nne 2023/2024 online, go to the National Examinations Council of Tanzania (NECTA) website. Simply go to the “CSEE Results” area, select the appropriate year, and select the region you studied and also, school to view your NECTA CSEE exam results. By following these steps, you can rapidly view the on-screen description of your NECTA CSEE findings. In addition, you can view the CSEE Necta findings for 2023 and 2024 by using the direct links provided below.

For students, the results of the matokeo form four 2023/2024 in Dar Es Salaam are a source of comfort and inspiration. Students who have done well are proud of their results and are motivated to continue to do well in their future studies. On the other hand, students who did not perform well can use this result as an opportunity to learn and improve their weak areas.

The Matokeo ya form four 2023 in Dar Es Salaam are also linked to the reputation and status of the school. Schools that lead in these results gain popularity and attract a large number of students and parents. However, it is important to note that the results of the fourth form should not be used solely as a criterion for the quality of the school. Other factors like infrastructure, skilled teachers, and learning environment are also important in choosing the best school.

Therefore, The NECTA Matokeo ya kidato cha Nne 2023-24 Dar CSEE Results are very important in monitoring the development of education in the region. They provide students with guidance and motivation, and also provide important information to education stakeholders. It is our hope that these results will be the catalyst for improving education and preparing future generations for future success.

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About; The city of Dar es Salaam began as a small fishing village known as Mzizima. This village was founded by the Balawa who mixed with the Zaramo towards the areas of the East African Continent and which were known as ‘Caravan Routes’. The construction of the Sultan’s Residence along with the port officially started in 1865 in the area of Mzizima village. The construction was completed in 1866 and Sultan Majid bin Said moved to Dar es Salaam that year.


What are the functions of Necta?
NECTA is responsible for managing all National Examinations and Assessments in Tanzania. The decision to establish NECTA was a follow-up to the previous step, in April 1971, when Mainland Tanzania withdrew from the East African Examinations Council (EAEC) to conduct its own examinations…
What is Necta's results statement?
One can also apply for a notification of Verification of results. This is an official document issued by NECTA that shows the marks obtained by a student in a certain period of the exam. Verification statements will be accepted by educational institutions and places of employment as a valid record of results…
What are the compulsory subjects in Necta?
The seven basic subjects are Civics, History, Geography, Kiswahili, English Language, Biology and Mathematics…


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