NECTA Fomu ya rufaa Matokeo ya kidato cha nne 2023/2024 CSEE Results Release Checker

NECTA Fomu ya rufaa Matokeo ya kidato cha nne 2023/2024 CSEE Results Release Checker

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The Tanzania Examinations Council (NECTA) has announced the results of the fourth form examination held in November 2023 where a total of 484,823 Candidates equal to 87.65% of the Candidates who took the examination have passed.
Executive Secretary of NECTA, Dr. Said Ally Mohamed said that the successful girls are 257,892 equal to 86.17% while the successful boys are 226,931 equal to 89.40%, in 2022 the successful candidates were 476,450 equal to 86.78%, so the success of the candidates has increased by 0.87% compared to the year 2022.
In addition, the council has canceled the results of 102 candidates for the fourth form examination who were found to have cheated, including five students who wrote insults on their answer sheets.


Fomu ya rufaa Matokeo ya kidato cha nne 2023
Fomu ya rufaa Matokeo ya kidato cha nne 2023

Appealing the results of the fourth form is an important step that the student can take if he is not satisfied with his results. This appeal provides an opportunity to challenge and resolve complaints about results that may appear to be unfair or do not represent the student’s abilities and efforts. Appealing requires a special process that must be followed according to the procedures set by the National Examinations Council (NECTA).

Matokeo ya form four 2023/24 appealAccess through PDF File
Appeals Matokeo kidato cha nne 2023/2024 Through SMS & Notification

First of all, the student should submit a letter of appeal to the Director of his School within 14 days after the announcement of the results. The letter should contain the basic grounds for appeal, such as omissions or technical errors in the preparation of the test. Upon receipt of the appeal letter, the school will advise the student of the next process, including the costs associated with the appeal.

NB: To access these results, just use the student’s registration number and the exam year. It’s that easy. You can obtain your fourth form results by selecting the desired result type on the NECTA website, entering your school registration number, and selecting the exam year.

The cost of appealing form four results may vary by school and region. Typically, these costs include the appeal fee paid to NECTA, travel and accommodation costs if necessary to go to NECTA headquarters for the appeal process. Since the price may vary, it is best to advise the student to inquire at his school or with the School Director about the actual costs associated with making an appeal. However, it is important to note that appeal costs will not be refunded even if the appeal is successful.

It is important to note that appealing the result of the fourth form is not a guarantee of a change in the result. The student should be prepared to face the possibility that his results will remain the same or even decrease after the appeal process. It is also important to be patient and expect the appeal process to take time, as it may take weeks or even months before receiving an official response from NECTA.

Make sure you fill in the correct information in this form. You should write your full address which will be used in communication to provide you with the results of the revision of your script(s).

The cost of revision is 20,000 shillings/= for one subject. Payment for the correction of the appeal should be made using a special number (Control Number) provided by the government electronic payment system (GePG) through the NECTA website: All payments should be made through NMB, CRDB and NBC banks or using the financial networks of T-Pesa (TTCL), M-Pesa (Vodacom), Tigo Pesa (Tigo), Ezy Pesa (Zantel), and Airtel Money (Airtel)

If you fill in incorrect information that will lead to the correction of another script different from your expectations, the money you paid will NOT be returned and you will have to pay again the costs of correcting your appeal.

You should return the appeal form (RF2) together with the payment receipt to the Executive Secretary, Tanzania Examinations Council, S.L.P 2624 Dar es Salaam, before the appeal period ends (within one month from the date the results were announced).

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NECTA Fomu ya rufaa Matokeo ya kidato cha nne 2023/2024 CSEE Results You are required to provide a copy of the form (RF2) and payment receipt and keep them as your reference.

NECTA's Bank accounts

NECTA has the following bank accounts which can be used by School Candidates for deposit fees. Remember to keep the bank deposit receipts until you have confirmed with NECTA about your payments.

NOTE: Private Candidates are supposed to pay their registration fees at Tanzania Posts Corporation (POSTA)

Big Results Now

In order to achieve Big Results Now (BRN), the Tanzanian government has made the decision to allocate resources to strategic sectors first. The education sector is one of the six areas that have been given priority and has created nine important projects to raise primary and secondary school pass rates by improving the quality of basic education. One of the nine efforts is the Official School Ranking based on exam results, performance, and improvement. Schools are categorized into three main categories in this ranking: Green, Yellow, and Red, which stand for High, Medium, and Low performing schools, respectively. The information from the schools will increase accountability and transparency while raising community knowledge and fostering community involvement.


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