Welwitchia University prospectus 2024-25 WHTC PDF

Welwitchia University prospectus 2024-25 WHTC PDF

Welwitchia University prospectus 2024-25 WHTC PDF academic calendar WHTC prospectus 2024-2025 February intake new programme student fee booklet and also, admission. This prospectus is a guide for school leavers and others who are interested in studying at Welwitchia Health Training Centre. The prospectus introduces you to the life at WHTC describing the campuses and detailing the services and facilities we provide for students. Details of all programmes offered are provided. We are committed to preparing you for the real world. As well as the transferable skills that each of our programmes foster, certain courses are recognized by professional bodies to give you a head start in industry.

WHTC prospectus 2024Check PDF
Welwitchia University prospectus 2024-2025Access PDF

An institution of higher learning in Namibia called Welwitchia University is devoted to giving formerly underprivileged areas in the country more authority. The institution offers a variety of degrees intended to give students the information and abilities they need to positively impact their communities, with a concentration on health, social, and management sciences.


Once students are admitted at WHTC, the first step to their journey of studies is participating in the Orientation program. What students do during the very beginning of their first semester of higher education can set the foundation for the period of stay at WHTC for this reason, WHTC dedicates two days of orientation into the various aspects that would form part of students’ lifestyle. The orientation program is designed to make that transition easier. We want each student to settle down and adjust to the new environment with ease. During this time you will be given a student handbook/code of conduct. The handbook will guide you on rules and regulations that you will be required to follow as a student at WHTC. The office of the Dean of Students is committed to assisting you begin your journey at WHTC successfully.

The institution offers detailed information about the programs it offers, entrance requirements, and campus amenities in its prospectus for the 2024-2025 academic year. The prospectus is available to prospective students so they can make an informed decision about their academic career and have a thorough understanding of the university’s offers.

The prospectus makes a point about the minimal prerequisites for entry before being admitted. At the grade 12 level, students must receive at least 25 points in six courses, with a minimum of a D in English. As an alternative, students with a D in English and 27 points in six grade 11 subjects can also be admitted. To be granted final admission, students must also pass an aptitude test.

Welwitchia University Namibia’s several programs are described in detail in the brochure as well. Courses in social sciences, business sciences, and health sciences are offered in these programs. There are many alternatives available to students, such as business administration, public health, nursing, and social work. The prospectus provides students with a thorough overview of what to expect from their chosen field of study by outlining the curriculum, learning outcomes, and career possibilities connected with each program.

The prospectus also provides information on the amenities offered to students on campus. The goal of Welwitchia University Namibia is to give its students a comfortable and supportive learning environment. The institution is proud of its cutting-edge classrooms, well-stocked labs, libraries, and computer centers. To encourage students to have balanced and healthful lives, there are also leisure and sports facilities.

The university’s prospectus showcases not only its academic offerings but also its many events and activities. The university hosts conferences, seminars, and workshops that students can attend to advance their knowledge and abilities. The university’s collaborations with Dirisana+ and other groups, which allow students more chances for personal and professional development, are also mentioned in the prospectus.

Testimonials from current and past students are included in the brochure, offering an insight into their experiences at Welwitchia University Namibia. These testimonies demonstrate the positive effects the university has had on the lives of its students as well as the high caliber of instruction and support the school offers.

In conclusion, The prospectus for the 2024-2025 academic year at Welwitchia University Namibia is a thorough guide that gives potential students all the information they need to learn about the school’s offerings, admission standards, campus amenities, activities, and references. It helps students thinking about attending Welwitchia University Namibia to make well-informed decisions regarding their academic journeys and future career paths. It is a valuable resource.

Lectures are where you will listen to subject experts sharing their knowledge and discoveries in challenging and thought provoking ways. In Academics you will be introduced to key facts and ideas in a way that will help you build a sound and up-to-date knowledge base in your subject, and gain appreciation of how and why we have reached our current stage of understanding in the field. You can expect to do more than just listen during a 2-hours lecture. You will be asked to consider different viewpoints, make on-the-spot judgments and decisions, and solve problems.


WHTC Admission evaluation scale
WHTC Admission evaluation scale


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