IAA Courses Offered (Programme) & Fee structure Release Checker

IAA Courses Offered (Programme) & Fee structure Release Checker

Welcome to our website In This Article, are you looking for IAA Courses Offered (Programme) & Fee structure Release Checker how to apply jinsi ya kutuma maombi Chuo Cha IAA Arusha program vigezo na sifa za kujiunga na chuo cha IAA Arusha applications status login joining instruction requirements, Eligibility Criteria and Admission Procedure online registration for Diploma – Degree and masters courses for march and September intakes / short-courses here below is a guide.

SNProgramme NameFeeMode of Study
1Diploma in Accountancy1,108,000 TZSFull Time
2Diploma in Accountancy and Microfinance1,108,000 TZSFull Time
3Diploma in Accountancy with IT1,108,000 TZSFull Time
4Diploma in Business Management1,108,000 TZSFull Time
5Diploma in Business Management with Chinese1,108,000 TZSFull Time
6Diploma in Computer Networking1,108,000 TZSFull Time
7Diploma in Computer Science1,183,000 TZSFull Time
8Diploma in Economics and Finance1,108,000 TZSFull Time
9Diploma in Finance and Banking1,108,000 TZSFull Time
10Diploma in Human Resources Management1,108,000 TZSFull Time
11Diploma in Information Technology1,183,000 TZSFull Time
12Diploma in Insurance and Risk Management1,108,000 TZSFull Time
13Diploma in Library and Information Studies1,108,000 TZSFull Time
14Diploma in Mobile Application Development1,183,000 TZSFull Time
15Diploma in Multimedia1,183,000 TZSFull Time
16Diploma in Procurement and Logistics Management1,108,000 TZSFull Time
17Diploma in Records Archives & Information Management1,108,000 TZSBlended Learning, Full Time
18Bachelor Degree in Accountancy (BA)1,733,000 TZSFull Time
19Bachelor Degree In Accountancy and Finance1,733,000 TZSFull Time
20Bachelor Degree in Accountancy with Information Technology (BA-IT)1,833,000 TZSApprenticeship, Full Time
21Bachelor Degree In Audit and Assurance1,733,000 TZSFull Time
22Bachelor Degree in Banking with Apprenticeship (BB-Appr)1,733,000 TZSApprenticeship, Full Time
23Bachelor Degree in Business Management (BBM)1,733,000 TZSFull Time
24Bachelor Degree in Computer Science (BCS)1,833,000 TZSFull Time
25Bachelor Degree in Credit Management (BCM)1,733,000 TZSFull Time
26Bachelor Degree in Cyber Security (BCSe)1,833,000 TZSFull Time
27Bachelor Degree in Economics and Finance (BEF)1,733,000 TZSFull Time
28Bachelor Degree in Economics and Project Management (BEPM)1,733,000 TZSFull Time
29Bachelor Degree in Economics and Taxation (BET)1,733,000 TZSFull Time
30Bachelor Degree in Education with Computer Science (BECS)1,733,000 TZSFull Time
31Bachelor Degree in Finance and Banking (BFB)1,733,000 TZSFull Time
32Bachelor Degree in Human Resources and Management (BHRM)1,733,000 TZSFull Time
33Bachelor Degree in Information Technology (BIT)1,833,000 TZSFull Time
34Bachelor Degree in Insurance and Risk Management with Apprenticeship(BIRM-Appr)1,733,000 TZSApprenticeship, Full Time
35Bachelor Degree in Library Studies and Information Science (BLSIS)1,733,000 TZSFull Time
36Bachelor Degree in Marketing and Public Relations (BMPR)1,733,000 TZSFull Time
37Bachelor Degree In Multmedia and Mass Communication1,733,000 TZSFull Time
38Bachelor Degree in Procurement & Logistics Management (BPLM)1,733,000 TZSFull Time
39Bachelor Degree In Records and Information Management1,733,000 TZSFull Time
40Bachelor Degree in Security and Strategic Studies (BSSS)1,108,000 TZSFull Time
41Bachelor Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management with Apprenticeship (BTHA)1,733,000 TZSApprenticeship, Full Time
42Master in Education Management (MEMA)4,395,000 TZSBlended Learning, Full Time
43Master of Accountancy (MA)4,395,000 TZSBlended Learning, Full Time
44Master of Accounting and Finance (MAF)4,395,000 TZSBlended Learning, Full Time
45Master of Arts in Peace and Security Studies (MA-PSS)4,395,000 TZSBlended Learning, Full Time
46Master of Business Administration (MBA)4,395,000 TZSBlended Learning, Full Time
47Master of Business Administration in Information Technology Management (MBA-ITM)4,395,000 TZSBlended Learning, Full Time
48Master of Business Administration in Leadership and Governance (MBA-LG)4,395,000 TZSBlended Learning, Full Time
49Master of Business Administration in Policy Development and Execution (MBA-PDE)4,395,000 TZSBlended Learning, Full Time
50Master of Business Administration in Procurement and Supplies Management (MBA-PSM)4,395,000 TZSBlended Learning, Full Time
51Master of Information Security (MIS)5,995,000 TZSBlended Learning, Full Time
52Master of Science in Finance and Banking (MSc-FB)4,395,000 TZSBlended Learning, Full Time
53Master of Science in Finance and Investment (MSc-FI)4,395,000 TZSBlended Learning, Full Time
54Master of Science in Human Resource Management (MSc-HRM)4,395,000 TZSBlended Learning, Full Time
55Master of Science in Project Planning Management (MSc-PPM)4,395,000 TZSBlended Learning, Full Time

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Institute of Accountancy Arusha (IAA)

Courses offered by IAA
Courses offered by IAA

As part of its objective, the Institute also holds seminars, short-term courses, and research and consulting projects. IAA hopes to create enduring relationships with businesses, the government, and non-governmental groups through these interventions.

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The Institute of Accountancy Arusha (IAA) provides a wide array of courses for those looking to advance their careers in accounting and related fields. The goal of these courses is to give students the knowledge and abilities they need to succeed in their chosen fields.

A selection of the courses available include the following: Cooperative Management and Accounting, Economics, Taxation, Credit Management, Procurement and Logistics Management, Accountancy, Microfinance Management, Insurance and Risk Management, Insurance and Finance, and Diploma in Finance and Banking. With so many different course options, students can focus on their areas of interest and achieve fulfilling jobs.

Programs Offered

To continue one’s education in accountancy and related subjects, IAA also provides undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Through these programs, students can gain a deeper comprehension of theoretical ideas and real-world applications, developing advanced skills and expertise.

To guarantee that graduates are adequately equipped to meet the demands of the labor market, the Institute makes sure that the curriculum is revised on a regular basis to reflect industry trends and requirements.

In addition, IAA offers specialized training programs and short courses to improve the knowledge and abilities of professionals across a range of industries. These courses provide practical insights and real-world applications, and they are customized to meet specific needs.

Short Courses Programs

IAA Courses Offered (Programme) & Fee structure Release Checker strives to close the knowledge gap between theory and practice by providing professionals with the resources they need to thrive in their respective industries, whether through executive short courses or specialized training programs.

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All things considered, the Institute of Accountancy Arusha’s courses help people become knowledgeable and competent workers by preparing them for a successful profession.

Support Contacts

IAA Main Campus:

  • Ngikae Kiwelu -0769672881
  • Elipokea Manase – 0757606552
  • Gerald Malisa – 078454778
  • Sarah Goroi – 0742833444
  • Sophia Sulle – 0767364244
  • Elitruda Moshy – 0754676241
  • Antropia Mringo – 0658111881

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