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The latest Jobs in Team Leader Preform Line at Coca Cola

The latest Jobs in Team Leader Preform Line at Coca Cola

Welcome to our website In This Article, are you looking for The latest Jobs in Team Leader Preform Line at Coca Cola Released job vacancy to all qualified Tanzanian applicants. Coca-Cola Kwanza Ltd has an exciting opportunity in Manufacturing Department. We are looking for a talented individual with the relevant skills and experience in Manufacturing for a Manufacturing Team Leader position, which will based in Dar es Salaam. The successful candidate will report directly to the Unit Manager – Utilities & Processing.

Closing Date 2024/02/29
Reference Number CCB240208-15
Job Category Manufacturing
Company Coca-Cola Kwanza (Tanzania)
Job Type Permanent
Location Country Tanzania
Location Province Not Applicable
Location Town / City Dar es Salaam

Key Duties & Responsibilities

People practices: Provide coaching to team members so they may complete their tasks (both operational and technical) correctly. To get the intended results, make sure team members are keeping an eye on the inputs and outputs of the process. Verify that team members do the necessary quality checks and that the data is entered into the relevant systems. Team members should be developed, and performance reviews and one-on-one conversations should be used to identify and resolve any training needs. motivates the use of performance management techniques.

To spearhead World Class Manufacturing (WCM) endeavors on a personal level: Plans for deploying work practices are communicated, and team buy-in is guaranteed. team members with work practice coaching Execution. Team members receive situational problem solving coaching. makes certain team members follow and apply divisional standards. carries out line walkabouts for one’s own shift and/or work practice maturity evaluations to make sure best practices are properly implemented and ingrained. Internal benchmarking of best practices

Operating and Process Control: Ensuring that team members comprehend and follow the work instructions, maintenance schedules, work practice deployment plans, and performance targets, as well as the operational, quality, and process standards. Examine and approve shift performance in Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety Management (QCDSM) and make sure all necessary administrative work is completed to assist the production team.

Plant and Equipment Maintenance: Verify that team members follow work instructions and maintenance schedules when performing necessary autonomous maintenance chores and any necessary running repairs throughout shifts. Make sure the process artisan performs repairs throughout their shift, mentors the team members in self-sufficient maintenance tasks, and assists the maintenance specialists with their duties. makes certain the line is prepared for maintenance and restarts promptly afterward. Assign team members to designated autonomous maintenance tasks. Start the process of creating emergency work orders and contribute to their completion. Make sure the process artisan supports the maintenance specialist by participating in cleaning and maintenance days, as well as maintenance post-analysis.

Ascertain that team members comprehend and follow quality standards through quality control and analysis. confirms that team members follow the work instructions when doing regular quality checks and analyses. Conduct a quality trend analysis to pinpoint faults and choose the best course of action to fix them. guarantees that problems are solved in order to find and address the underlying causes of quality problems. Makes certain that the right kind of information is recorded on time, either manually or digitally.

Problem solving: Help team members address situational difficulties by coaching and supporting them as they apply the appropriate problem-solving strategies (e.g., quick fix, One Point Lessons, 5 Why, etc.). Choose the best course of action when issues have escalated, such as bringing in specialized resources. When issues are fixed, confirm that the issue has been rectified and make sure the work instructions are current. Send issues that weren’t able to be handled during the shift to the Level 2 team (technical meeting).

Constant Improvement: Make certain that waste tracking and monitoring systems (such as mass balance) are in place using Short Interval Control (SIC). Make sure the team is aware of and incorporates waste reduction and process improvement goals into team goals. Make sure that meeting spaces are used to track and display progress goals. Make sure that opportunities for process improvement or waste reduction that have been noted on the gap list are appropriately assessed, bringing in specialized personnel as needed to aid in the assessment.

Knowledge, Experience, and Training The position’s requirements include a minimum degree in electrical, mechanical, or industrial engineering, as well as three years of technical and leadership experience in the FMCG industry and qualified artisan status. strong analytical abilities, a track record of honesty, strong leadership abilities, and strong communication capabilities.

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