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The latest Jobs in Project Officer – VSLA at CARE Tanzania

The latest Jobs in Project Officer - VSLA at CARE Tanzania

Welcome to our website In This Article, are you looking for The latest Jobs in Project Officer – VSLA at CARE Tanzania job vacancy to all qualified Tanzanian applicants. CARE is a leading humanitarian organization dedicated to fighting poverty and social injustice and places a particular emphasis on women and girls, their dignity and empowerment to lead their communities out of poverty. CARE began working in Tanzania since April 1994, in response to the crisis in Rwanda and the subsequent influx of refugees into the Kagera Region of North-western Tanzania. Over the subsequent years, CARE Tanzania developed innovative education, health, microfinance, and environmental programs across most regions of the country.  In Tanzania CARE works with the Government both in mainland and Zanzibar and other stakeholders to transform communities and ensure financial inclusion and independence, health and nutrition, climate-smart development resilience, especially for women and girls.

REPORTS TO Senior Manager-Fundraising
LOCATION Kishapu, Shinganya

CARE Tanzania seeks to recruit a self-motivated, results driven, dynamic, suitably qualified, competent and dedicated Tanzanian to fill the following positions: –

Vacancy: Project Officer – VSLA


The Project Officer – VSLA will be responsible for project implementation and coordination for ensuring the accomplishment of the objectives under his/her responsibility. The VSLA Officer under the supervision and guidance from Senior Manager will take a lead on execution of core activities to achieve the project objectives that include empowering women through VSLA, promote adoption of collective Investment and business development.  

Stakeholders’ engagement including working closely with local government authorities and REDESO as the key partners for this project will be key in facilitating smooth implementation and success of the project. In consultation with the supervisor, the VSLA officer for Scaling Up Livelihood Project will ensure that financial compliance is maintained as per CARE financial policy and Grant agreement.


  • Encourage the creation, identification, and/or mobilization of VSLA.
  • Encourage VSLA capacity building in cooperation with REDESO.
  • To increase community ownership and understanding of the VSLA strategy and its sustainability, make it easier for villagers to identify village VSLA agents.
  • Serve as the hub for information exchange between VSLA groups, the community, CARE, and other important partners on the project site in order to support the VSLA component’s success.
  • Make effective and required exposure visits between new community-saving groups and established VSL groups. Occasionally attend meetings of savings groups to carry out this activity; where appropriate, offer advise and take part in the evaluation process.
  • Participate actively in the Village Saving groups’ oversight in order to earn the respect and confidence of men, women, and girls. This will help them feel comfortable enough to share information with CARE through the Scaling Up Livelihood Project.
  • Assist in finding and organizing organizations eager to engage in collective investment
  • Provide Community Based Trainers (CBT) with instruction on VSLA and Collective Investment.
  • Organizes the support of disadvantaged women and girls to take part in the planning and decision-making process at different levels and on different occasions.
  • Educate and sensitize local leaders and communities about VSLA and IGA initiatives.
  • Create weekly, monthly, and quarterly work plans to guarantee that VSLA-related tasks are carried out as specified in the comprehensive implementation plan.
  • Utilize your communication skills to raise awareness of the agriculture and entrepreneurial opportunities that are available throughout the project and to encourage VSLA members to get involved in taking advantage of them.
  • Make sure that women take the lead in their development initiatives through training and sensitization.
  • Encourage VSLA to strengthen its governance capabilities in order to advance openness and decision-making.
  • Promote the raising of VSLA’s profile and its connection to important service providers, such as financial service providers, input suppliers, outlet markets, and agro-dealers.
  • Assist VSL groups in establishing connections with important service providers, particularly financial service providers, and in generating specific field business cases and plans.
  • Determine the beneficiaries’ and village saving groups’ technical capacity, obstacles, and knowledge in the areas of income-generating activities (IGAs), business growth, and skill-building.
  • To guarantee correct documentation and recording of the VSLA field cash box, supervise and frequently check on the times when the VSLA groups are carrying out the share purchase, social contributions, and loan borrowing and repayment.
  • Teach beneficiaries and Community Based Trainers (CBTs) about BDS/cooperatives, marketing techniques, and the VSLA approach.
  • To effectively facilitate and support VSLA and income-generating activities, coach, oversee, and mentor the CBTs.
  • Provide Social Analysis and Action (SAA) training to partners and carry out SAA locally.
  • Bolster partners’ capabilities. For example, training local government members on the VSLA technique to encourage government adoption of the model.
  • Arrange and oversee exposure or exchange visits, as well as any other activities, for the benefit of the beneficiaries in order to promote learning and experience sharing.
  • Make sure the recipients receive the correct quantity and quality of VSLA kits/tools on schedule, and that they are used properly.
  • Assist in providing VSLA members with life skills training, including instruction in basic literacy, handling family finances, risk management, and planning.
  • Ensuring that the project’s involvement and representation are gender-balanced (men, women, and youth).
  • In addition to doing any additional tasks that the line supervisor may assign, coordinate with the project manager on all VSLA-related decisions.
  • In addition to doing any additional tasks that the line supervisor may assign, coordinate with the project manager on all VSLA-related decisions.
  • Determine the best place to persuade the district to accept VSLA and other possible partners as a way to assist local communities in raising funds.
  • Lead the charge on monitoring and analyzing microfinance rules and policies in conjunction with other stakeholders. Identify the most important policy proposals and create messaging that are suitable for stakeholders and policy makers.
  • Assist PQ and MEEL unit in tracking and evaluating the results in accordance with CARE’s global standards, and collaborate on communication.
  • Organize, assist with management of project’s funds and ensures efficient utilization of funds for maximum impact.
  • Together with the financial team, prepares annual budgets based on project initiative proposals, guarantees donor compliance, and makes sure that threat BVA is properly managed to prevent needless overspending or underspending.
  • Monitoring, Assessing, Learning, and Reporting on Projects
  • Connecting, Education, and Representation
  • Encourage parity between sexes
  • Carry out additional tasks that your supervisor assigns you.


  • A business administration degree, a degree in sociology or community development, and any other experience in microfinance, livelihoods, IGA, or VSLA technique that is pertinent.


  • A minimum of three years’ experience working in the community, including training in gender equality, volunteer work, and other relevant areas.
  • Skilled trainer and facilitator
  • It is also desirable to have prior work experience with resilience initiatives or programs.
  • Knowledge of savings-led microfinance’s guiding principles and practices, as well as a keen understanding of the difficulties associated with more conventional approaches.
  • Willingness to regularly visit all project areas.
  • Working knowledge of local communities, local government, and non-governmental organizations.
  • Strong computer abilities and proficiency with common computing applications, including spreadsheets, databases, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Strong interpersonal and report-writing abilities.
  • Experience working with international non-governmental organizations (INGOs) on gender issues and VSLA
  • strong background in the growth of the private sector and the Collective Investment Model.
  • Ability to create and implement gender-transforming strategies for partner organizations has been proven.
  • Knowledge of developing human resources and providing instruction on gender mainstreaming and gender transformation.
  • Expertise in implementing gender minimal standards training to promote the integration and mainstreaming of gender equality.
  • Expertise inspiring boys and men to support gender equality.


  • Extensive familiarity with the VSLA technique and a proven track record of assisting and teaching VSLA groups.
  • Excellent spoken and written English.
  • Capacity to comprehend and participate in the strategic vision for the growth of VSLAs.
  • Capacity to effectively interact with partners and work together to maximize the program’s effectiveness.
  • Capacity to speak candidly and frequently with the larger CARE Tanzania team in order to exchange updates, challenges, insights, and recommendations.
  • Self-motivated and self-directed; capable of planning and completing your own work with little guidance.

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The latest Jobs in Project Officer – VSLA at CARE Tanzania is an equal opportunity employer promoting gender, equity and diversity. Female and people with disability candidates are strongly encouraged to apply. Our selection process reflects our commitment to the protection of children and vulnerable adults from abuse.

Only a letter of application and updated CV including names of at least 3 reputable referees from previous jobs (preferable line Managers) with reliable contacts should be sent by email to Human Resources Department by CoB, 20th February 2024 at 1700hrs. Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted….

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