Nelson Mandela African Institute Short course Calendar 2024 Release Checker

Nelson Mandela African Institute Short course Calendar 2024 Release Checker

Welcome to our website Are you looking for Nelson Mandela African Institute Short course Calendar 2024 Release Checker application for students to study academic year admission. The Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology (NM-AIST) in Arusha is one in a network of Pan-African Institutions of Science and Technology located across Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). These institutions, which are the proud brainchild of the late Nelson Mandela, envision training and developing the next generation of African scientists and engineers with a view to impacting profoundly on the continent’s development through the application of Science, Engineering and Technology and Innovation (SETI).

Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology (NM-AIST)

Nelson Mandela African Institute Short course 2024
Nelson Mandela African Institute Short course 2024

The Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU)-accredited NM-AIST is being transformed into a top-tier research-intensive university for postgraduate and postdoctoral programs and SETI research. Nonetheless, a significant amount of pertinent business studies and humanities material is incorporated into the SETI training. Strong innovation and entrepreneurial elements are therefore incorporated into the training curriculum, and as a result, the development strategy of the NM-AIST includes strong academia-industry linkages. For the benefit of SSA’s sustainable development, NM-AIST’s curriculum also aim to accommodate, facilitate, stimulate, and catalyze the Y-generation’s innate abilities of innovation and entrepreneurship. For more visit the official website of NM-AIST.

Course Title

  1. Bigdata analysis and HPC Applications

Course Content

  • Introduction to Big data Analysis
  • Shared and distributed memory
    parallel computing
  • Weather modeling
  • Bioinformatics
  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • GPGPU Computing
  • Bioinformatics
  • Code & Compiler optimization.
Duration 12 Days
Date start – End 3-15/3/2024
Course Fee 1,250,000

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1Energy management and auditing in industries,    residential                       and commercial buildingsIntroduction to energy management and auditing in energy conservation correlation between energy management and audit Energy consumption Estimation power rating of different electrical appliances in use318-20/3/2024350,000
2Smart farming: Integrating Agrotool with mobile technologyApply the Agrocares Soil scanner for monitoring soil health  Carry out soil sampling and soil analysis protocols using Agrocares scanner integrated with mobile app Perform online data access through agrocares portal ( and data interpretation Make informed decision on precision farming based on real- time nutrient intelligence329-31/3/2024600,000
3Fundamental  of Block chain Technology Introduction to fundamentals of block chain technology Design and create smart contracts for automating processes and transactions within real-world ICT systems. Develop hands-on skills for assessing and improving blockchain security, including the identification of vulnerabilities and the implementation of security measures. Configure and deploy consensus mechanisms to enhance the reliability and performance of distributed ICT systems. Conduct security audits and address smart contract vulnerabilities, significantly improving the overall security of blockchain-based ICT systems. Analyze and identify practical use cases for blockchain technology in various sectors, enabling them to apply blockchain solutions to realworld challenges in business enterprises, the public sector, and social impact projects.51-5/4/20241,250,000

NMU Faculties and Short Courses

4Building and Sustaining Competitive AdvantageIntroduction to competitive advantage Basics of Business Competitiveness Identify Potential Sources of Competitive Advantages Design effective strategies Convert concepts into effective action plans58-12/4/2024600,000
5Animal disease detection (Lab based)Introduction to animal disease detection Brucellosis detection using ELISA515-19/4/20241,200,000
6Effective Writings Skills for Office, Academic and Career DevelopmentIntroduction to workplace writing skills Select and apply relevant CV Templates Digital tools in writings Cover letters, expression of interest and statement of purpose writings1222/4/2024 -3/5/2024960,000
7Resources mobilization strategy and proposal writingPART A   Introduction           to          Resource Mobilization Strategy Understanding different ways of resources mobilization\Resources Mobilization principles Resources Mobilization Approach Resources Mobilization Cycle Sources of Fund PART B Understanding Principles of Project Management Writing and Organizing Effective Proposals Use of Monitoring and Evaluation Framework Writing a good research report46-9/5/2024500,000
8Microcontroller programmingIntroduction to micro-controller programming Design and develop embedded system Design and implement electronic circuit To interface sensors and actuators with the microcontrollers To program microcontrollers using C, C++ and Embedded C.513-17/5/20241,000,000
9Business (Enterprise) Management tools and Financial analysisIntroduction            to                   business management tools Introduction to Business Model Canvas (BMC) Development of BMC Introduction to Business Plan (BP) Development of BP Financial analysis tools (budget preparation,            financial projections)520-24/5/2024700,000

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10Organoleptic assessment of fish (lab based)Introduction         to                Organoleptic assessment of fish Sensory evaluation of the fish including appearance, aroma, texture and flavour Assessment the fish’s visual appeal, smell, firmness and taste to ensure quality and freshness5 1,200,000
11Development and Management of Strategic PlansIntroduction to strategic plan Framework for strategic Planning Understanding     Business Environment        and                Organization Context Framing the Strategy  Strategy Implementation 5  27-31/05/2024600,000
12Cloud Computing and cyber securityIntroduction to Cloud Computing and cyber security Effective cloud resource management Cloud security expertise Cyber security assessment53-7/6/2024510,000
13Plant Tissue culture (lab based)introduction to  Plant Tissue cultureIsolation of plant pathogens510-14/6/20241,200,000
14Python and Java ProgrammingIntroduction Python and Java Programming Competence in Java programming Problem solving skill in both python and Java Web development skills Career Advancement1217-29/6/20241,020,000
15Writing review and original papers: Strategies and ToolsInformation search Mind mapping skills Evidence synthesis skills Data analysis and visualization skills Publishing skills51-5/7/2024800,000
16Medicinal plants analysis (lab based)Introduction to Medicinal plants analysis Sample      preparation             and Compound identification  Antimicrobial effects                5  8-12/7/20241,200,000
17Embedded Systems and Internet of ThingsIntroduction to Embedded Systems and Internet of Things design and develop an embedded systems program the peripherals of the embedded systems To interface sensors and actuators for embedded systems design the Internet of things for a specific purpose To interface and program wireless modules in the IoT systems To secure the IoT systems To send data to and from the IoT clouds  1215-27/7/20241,200,000
18Culture and antimicrobial analysis for animal samples (lab based)Introduction to Culture and antimicrobial analysis for animal samples Sample collection Sample Culture Gram staining Specie biochemical identification Antimicrobial sensitivity test55-9/8/20241,200,000
19Water quality analysis (lab based)Introduction to Water quality analysisPhysical parameters Chemical parameters512-16/8/20241,200,000
20Characterization of materials using  FTIR (lab based)Introduction to Characterization of materials using  FTIR Sample preparation Generation of the machine Technique of IR spectroscopy Calibration of the machine Method creation, sample analysis and data analysis Interpretation of the results519-23/8/20241,200,000
21Molecular biology analysis (lab based)Introduction to Molecular biology analysisDNA /RNA extraction DNA /RNA amplification by Real Time and conventional methods DNA /RNA quantification by Nano drop and gel electrophoresis526-30/8/20241,200,000
22Grant             writing            and management skillsIntroduction to grant writing and management skills Strategies for acquiring funds Grant         acquisition               tools preparation Sustainable grant management52-6/9/2024750,000
23Advanced E-records and Office Management in Digital EraIntroduction         to              basic                client services Behavioral             and                managerial competencies Practical communication skills (both digital and non -digital channels) Organizing physical layout and online work space effectively Case studies on client services and office management59-13/9/2024700,000
24Smart Systems SecurityIntroduction to smart systems (i.e., self-monitoring analysis and reporting systems) Vulnerability assessment and ethical hacking fundamentals for smart systems ICT policies for smart systems in a cooperate environment. Managing digital data for smart systems516-20/9/20241,250,000

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