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The latest Jobs in MECPZ Programme Manager at Aga Khan Foundation

The latest Jobs in MECPZ Programme Manager at Aga Khan Foundation

Welcome to our website In This Article, are you looking for The latest Jobs in MECPZ Programme Manager at Aga Khan Foundation job vacancy released today through aga khan employment and recruitment opportunities.

The position

The overall Purpose of the Position

In close collaboration with the Program Technical Director, the MECPZ, Program Manager, will oversee the coordination, quality control, and general execution of the Madrasa Early Childhood Programs-Zanzibar (MECPZ). They will oversee, guide, and assist a productive, diverse, and interdisciplinary team in coordinating the planning, execution, oversight, assessment, and reporting of projects and programs to guarantee the timely, cost-effective, and high-quality delivery of outcomes. As a member of the Management team, the MECPZ Programme Manager will collaborate closely with the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) and the MECPZ Programme Technical Director to guarantee that programs are in line with MECPZ and its partners’ overall mission, values, and standards.

  • Create and preserve a wide range of external alliances with the federal government, parastatals, businesses, funders, civil society organizations, and other stakeholders.
  • Encourage the creation of high-quality educational and communication resources, such as policy briefs and case studies, to help shape policies, initiatives, and procedures. To do this, project teams and the M&E team must collaborate to create a Performance Measurement Framework (PMF) for the new program, operationalize all existing PMFs, make sure project implementation teams take responsibility for the PMF, and make it possible for M&E to be an integrated part of every project activity.
  • In close collaboration with the Program Technical Director, prepare excellent concept notes and grant applications to support MECPZ’s resource mobilization activities.

The requirements


  • Program Administration
  • Teamwork and Leadership
  • Innovation, creativity, and design thinking
  • Persuasion and Bargaining

Required Experience and Skills

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  • a master’s degree in any relevant field, such as community development, education, economics, project planning and management, business administration, or international development.
  • eight years of minimum experience working in a similar capacity for an international organization or other well-known NGO.
  • a track record of success in managing intricate, high-impact initiatives in collaboration with other organizations, including capacity building, personnel and partnership management, and budget management.
  • It is necessary to have excellent conceptual and strategic thinking, planning, and problem-solving abilities.
  • outstanding familiarity with gender and social inclusion concerns, as well as a track record of implementing programs that specifically target these disparities.
  • expertise in and dedication to community and child safety issues, as well as a track record of putting pertinent policies and procedures into practice.
  • Outstanding in interpersonal skills, teamwork spirit, communication, presentation, and growth attitude.
  • Proficiency in overseeing multicultural teams and exhibiting non-discriminatory conduct.
  • The capacity to act discreetly and uphold information confidentially at all times.
  • strong oral and writing communication abilities as well as fluency in English.
  • Strong organizational leadership abilities with a variety of capabilities, including multitasking, critical thinking, and M&E.
  • strong ICT abilities, familiarity with Microsoft, and knowledge of newly developed software.

Diverse backgrounds, including but not limited to socioeconomic status, religion, ethnicity, culture, gender, age, and disability, should be respected and included in all programming. It is also important to ensure that MECP’s pluralistic values are upheld both internally and externally.

devoted to maintaining safeguarding standards and behaving morally toward all employees, volunteers, and recipients of the organization’s benefits.

As an Equal Opportunity Employer, MECPZ expects its partners and employees to share its commitment to protecting children and vulnerable adults and promoting their welfare.

How to Apply

Interested candidates are requested to submit a cover letter, and CV including contacts of three references


Social Development

About the Agency

The Aga Khan  Foundation (AKF), alongside its sister AKDN agencies, has implemented innovative, community-driven solutions to development challenges for over 50 years. It brings together human, financial and technical resources to address some of the challenges faced by the poorest and most marginalised communities in the world. Special emphasis is placed on investing in human potential, expanding opportunity and improving the overall quality of life, especially for women and girls. It works primarily in six areas: Agriculture and Food Security; Economic Inclusion; Education; Early Childhood Development; Health and Nutrition; and Civil Society.

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