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4 Plant Operator II Jobs at Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute (TARI) Announcement

4 Plant Operator II Jobs at Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute (TARI) Announcement

Welcome to our website In This Article, are you looking for 4 Plant Operator II Jobs at Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute (TARI) Announcement job vacancy Taasisi ya Utafiti wa Kilimo Tanzania. The Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute (TARI) was established by the Parliamentary Act No. 10 of 2016 to enhance and strengthen of agricultural research system in Tanzania. TARI is a semi- 5 autonomous body under the Ministry of Agriculture, responsible for all agricultural research activities conducted by the National Agricultural Research System (NARS) in Tanzania. The Institute’s mandate is to conduct, regulate, promote and coordinate all agricultural research activities conducted by public and private research institutes or organisations in Tanzania.


Plant Operator II - 4 Post at TARI
Plant Operator II – 4 Post at TARI

TARI aims at strengthening national agricultural research system to enhance development and dissemination of technologies, innovations and management practices (TIMPs) to address the real needs of farmers and other agricultural stakeholders.

EMPLOYERTaasisi ya Utafiti wa Kilimo Tanzania (TARI)
APPLICATION TIMELINE:2024-02-02 2024-02-12


  • Operating the plant under the guidance of a skilled plant operator;
  • To maintain machinery, tools, and plant equipment safely;
  • To keep up a logbook;
  • To inform the plant supervisor of any machine faults;
  • To keep track of machine maintenance plans; and
  • To carry out any additional official tasks that the supervisor may designate.


Holder of an Advanced Secondary Education Certificate or Secondary School Education Certificate, a valid Class “G” driver’s license, a driving course certificate from a government-approved institution, and one year of experience operating farm machinery and equipment (such as tractors and combine harvesters) without having an accident.

  • The Secretary, Presidents Office, Public Service Recruitment Secretariat, P.O. Box 2320, University of Dodoma, Utumishi/Asha Rose Migiro Buildings Dodoma, should receive a signed application letter written in either Swahili or English.
  • The application deadline is February 12, 2024;
  • The date of the interview will only be communicated to the candidates who have been shortlisted; and
  • Legal action will be required if falsified certificates and other material are presented;

NOTE: 4 Plant Operator II Jobs at Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute (TARI) Announcement All applications must be sent through Recruitment Portal by using the following address; not otherwise (This address also can be found at PSRS Website, Click ‘Recruitment Portal’)

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