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Nafasi Za Kazi Bayer, Plant Warehouse Manager Vacancy

Nafasi Za Kazi Bayer, Plant Warehouse Manager Vacancy

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Role purpose

  • Coordinate the movement of Foundation seeds to growers and the receipt of Field production into Warehousing, in accordance with SAP protocols and warehousing
  • Coordinate seed delivery to various Tollers and receive finished product from Tollers at distribution facilities.
  • STOs control finished goods, which serves as a link between manufacturing and SCM.
  • Be a team leader for the plant Warehouse team, with an emphasis on giving opportunities for innovation and helping to clearly define flame work and processes.

This include cross function communication and collaboration.

Key responsibilities and tasks

  • Develop and maintain complete compliance with EHS and quality requirements at plant warehouses around the country.
  • Responsible for physically receiving raw seed inventory into production warehouses.
  • Responsible for carrying out warehouse fumigation, FND distribution, and DS seed shunting in accordance with tollers’ budgets and Bayer procurement policies and LIFE values.
  • Develop and maintain proper stock control to keep stock write offs due to stock redundancies and damages to a minimum by ensuring proper stock rotation (First Expiry First Out), proper stock handling, and eliminating storage practices that lead to stock quality deterioration.
  • Responsible for the proper management of consumable goods inside the plant warehouse and their distribution to the toll plants.
  • Responsible for the physical and SAP reception of all packaging and chemical consumable items on the premises.
  • Responsible for handling the grower receipt file and sending it to all stakeholders on a weekly basis.
  • Creating a report for pant warehouse management and distribution.
  • Coordinate the transportation of plant completed commodities to the SAP supply chain environment.
  • Actively engage in monthly inventory counts and address reconciliation items on time.
  • In collaboration with the Plant Controller and the Seed
  • Responsible for ensuring accurate inventory use in order to facilitate mass chemical balancing and reporting.
  • Prepare and handle all materials in the warehouse in such a way that product loss is avoided, ensuring no business interruption.
  • Plan and coordinate all warehouse incident reporting, and lead investigations.
  • Develop and coordinate monthly inventory control and cycle counts; ensure yearly sampling protocols are followed as per SOP; and assist with fumigation preparation and subsequent restacking.
  • Participate in the annual budget for the relevant cost centre, control spending, and initiate cost savings in all production, distribution, and warehousing activities across the country.
  • Coordinate and plan the performance, development, and succession plans for all direct reports.
  • Develop and implement good warehousing processes at all plant warehouses around the country.
  • Completed any other obligations assigned by the line Manager.

Key Working Relations:

  • Direct reports of Production Manager in Tanzania
  • All Tanzania PS functions, including supply chain, planning, and quality
  • Finance and Control
  • Procurement and safety
  • Functional leads, field and plant operations
  • External vendors
  • Management of the QMS.

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Experience, Skills and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in supply chain management, production management, finance, agriculture, or any equivalent and authorized qualification.
  • Three years of experience in related roles.
  • Has a deep understanding of purchasing and supply chain management functions.
  • Ability to manage the complete order-to-payment procedure.
  • Process and systems focused (SAP, reporting, procurement tools).
  • SAP and MS Office experience.
  • Strong interpersonal skills; ability to establish internal customer and external supplier relationships.
  • Ability to follow existing organizational processes and swiftly adapt to new ones.
  • Service oriented.
  • Excellent communication abilities, both oral and written.
  • A team player.
  • Results oriented.
  • Courage and candor are demonstrated in a respectful manner towards internal stakeholders and customers.
  • Fluent in English.
  • Ability to function autonomously in a decentralized organization.

For the latest Nafasi Za Kazi Bayer, Plant Warehouse Manager Vacancy in Tanzania, The Bayer accepts applications from anybody, regardless of color, country origin, gender, age, physical traits, social origin, disability, union membership, religion, family status, or pregnancy. We are committed to handling all applications fairly and without discrimination.

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