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The latest Financial Management and Administrative Specialist at GIZ

The latest Financial Management and Administrative Specialist at GIZ

Welcome to our website In This Article, are you looking for The latest Financial Management and Administrative Specialist at GIZ job vacancy Announcement nafasi za kazi As an international cooperation enterprise for sustainable development with worldwide operations, the federally owned Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH supports the German Government in achieving its development-policy objectives. GIZ Tanzania is looking to recruit a Financial Management and Administration Specialist (“the Specialist”) to support projects in the area of Water, Biodiversity, and Climate. The Specialist will form part of a finance and administration team. The Specialist will report to and be supervised by the Senior Finance Manager of the Finance and Administration pool of the Biodiversity, Climate and Water projects.

Duty station:Dar es Salaam
Job type:Fixed term contract
Job allocation:Band 4

Responsibilities and Tasks

  • General office management in compliance with internal GIZ guidelines.
  • Current bookkeeping and spending tracking.
  • Implementation and oversight of the project’s entire accounting system’s overall proper and seamless operation in accordance with GIZ guidelines and policies.
  • Accounting, tracking, and planning of finances.
  • Keep an eye on everyday workplace expenses and activities.
  • Attends external meetings as needed and prepares and coordinates team meetings held within.
  • Essential.
  • Supports staff assistance as well as the procurement and logistical aspects of projects.
  • Carries out responsibilities in compliance with GIZ guidelines.
  • Ensures a seamless workflow by giving team members all the tools they need to complete their tasks.
  • Good communication between coworkers at the partner office, the country office, and the pertinent officers in headquarters.
  • Makes certain that the accounting services are supplied by the deadline for reporting.
  • Efficiently handles tools connected to SAP.
  • Guarantees the suitable and high-quality filing of all official correspondence sent out.
  • Drafts and manages contracts, such as financing agreements, grant agreements, and municipal subsidies.
  • Verify the status of the contract or procurement with the GIZ Country Office and Headquarters.
  • Assign duties to the team’s finance and administrative coworkers.

Financial Services

  • Carries out responsibilities in compliance with GIZ guidelines.
  • Systematically and upon request prepares financial reports.
  • Helps with the management of creditors and debtors, including agreements with national appraisers and local subsidies.
  • Checks and/or prepares bank paperwork, such as transfers, before they are executed.
  • Timely submits a fund request.
  • Makes certain that each transaction is daily entered into the system.
  • Manages the monthly cash count, does surprise cash counts, and obtains supervisor permission.
  • Optimizes and pays on a monthly basis.
  • Is charge of handling the financial management’s administrative facets, such as direct debit orders and bank withdrawals.
  • Verifies unforeseen additions made to the bank and cash books.
  • Keeps an eye on earnings, outlays, and the bank reconciliation each month.
  • Keeps an eye on the accounts receivable and reports on a regular basis to the accounting manager and the officer in charge of the contract and cooperation.
  • Guarantees that the accounting system operates without hiccups in accordance with GIZ established standards.
  • Assembles and delivers the necessary financial documentation to the GIZ Country Office while working under the project coordinator’s direction.
  • Confirms the accuracy of all vouchers, including internal transaction vouchers and supporting documentation for payments.
  • Assembles VAT documentation, creates claim summaries for the GIZ Country Office, and, if necessary, follows up on reimbursement.
  • Before sending any payment vouchers, invoices, or receipts for payment or booking, make sure they have been verified and approved.
  • Make sure financial files are filed and labeled in compliance with GIZ regulations.
  • Assists with internal controls and external audits.

Administrative tasks

  • Whenever internal or external controls are performed, provides the necessary documentation for the auditor and helps with the follow-up of the auditor’s conclusions.
  • Checks the cash account reconciliations between the real physical cash count balances and the WINPACCS cash book, as well as the monthly bank reconciliations.
  • Keeps an eye on the bank balances, the amount of liquidity, and the daily cash flow records of the regional office and the program office.
  • Arranges and monitors bank transfers to partners and stakeholders by adhering to their cash flow and project budgets.
  • Monitors the progress of payments made under consulting and financing agreements, municipal subsidies, grant agreements, and financing agreements.
  • Communicates with the regional offices of the partners to ensure that financial paperwork are submitted on schedule.
  • In the event of a leave of absence, fills in for project colleagues in finance and administration.
  • Informs the superior of any observed abnormalities.
  • Effectively communicates and arranges travel arrangements with GIZ Headquarters’ financial, procurement, and administrative personnel as well as the country office.
  • Creates, if necessary, quarterly or annual evaluations of project expenditures in relation to the overall budget.
  • Helps in transferring money to partners.
  • Carries out any additional tasks as needed.

General Services

  • Leads and mentors support personnel.
  • Easily navigates the GIZ intranet and uploads all necessary project documents to the organization’s data management platforms.
  • Helps new project employees become acquainted with the work, make logistical plans, and assist with the onboarding of new employees.
  • Makes certain that all equipment has accurate documentation.

Other duties/additional tasks

  • Reports any issues with financial administration and compliance to the superior as soon as possible.
  • Maintains confidentiality of information and files financial and administrative papers.
  • Carries out additional responsibilities as requested by management.

Required Entry Qualifications and Competencies

  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited university in a pertinent subject of study and certification in business administration or accounting (the BA equivalent);
  • A minimum of five years’ experience working in a similar role.
  • An advantage is having experience working for GIZ or with foreign organizations, governments, and non-governmental organizations.
  • Strong grasp of both Swahili and English.
  • Computer literacy (MS package).
  • Capacity to manage stress and prioritize tasks in order of importance under short deadlines.
  • Obedient and on time.
  • Tenacious and patient.
  • Able to travel on duty inside the nation to project locations.

Other knowledge, additional competencies

  • Strong proficiency with computer programs (such as Microsoft Office) and ICT (associated software, phones, faxes, emails, and the internet);
  • Comprehensive knowledge of accounting and financial planning.
  • Administration and management experience.
  • Willingness to upskill as needed to complete the job at hand; management has agreed on the necessary procedures.

Please use the subject line 

“VA No. GIZ/ISI/2024/01 – Financial Management and Administrative Specialist

– Dar es Salaam”. 

Closing date for submission: 14.02.2024

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. GIZ Tanzania is an equal opportunities employer and encourages applications from all qualified and eligible candidates regardless of their gender, origin, religion/belief, disability, or any other minority group.

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