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The latest Jobs in Director of Technology Development and Planning at SIDO

The latest Jobs in Director of Technology Development and Planning at SIDO

Welcome to our website In This Article, are you looking for The latest Jobs in Director of Technology Development and Planning at SIDO Released job vacancy / vacancies to all qualified Tanzanian applicants. On behalf of Small Industries Development Organization (SIDO), Public Service Recruitment Secretariat (PSRS), invites dynamic, proactive, experienced and suitable qualified Tanzanians to fill One (1) vacant post of the Director of Technology Development and Planning.

EMPLOYERShirika la Kuhudumia Viwanda Vidogo (SIDO)
APPLICATION TIMELINE:2024-02-13 2024-03-04


SIDO was established in October 1973 as a parastatal organization under now Ministry of Trade, Industry and Marketing (now Ministry of Trade, Industry and Investment). Its objective was to develop the small industry sector in Tanzania. It was expected to fulfill a very wide range of functions, from policy formulation to direct support to industries, to hands-on involvement in the establishment of SMEs in both rural and urban areas.

Vacancy: The latest Jobs in Director of Technology Development and Planning at SIDO Tanzania


  • A thorough knowledge of issues concerning the Micro Small and Medium enterprises sector, and of organizations working in this field. (ii)  Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Business – like attitude.  Business experience would be an added advantage. 
  • Good leadership skills and qualities.
  • Veracity in the critical management skills of transformation leadership, action planning, performance and total quality management, team building, decision making, problem solving and change management.


  • Planning, research, technology development, technical assistance, and the creation of economic research papers and strategy plans on pertinent topics for the SME sector in conjunction with regional offices.
  • To conduct sector-specific research in order to identify possible business prospects for SSI.
  • To create schedules and manage SSI operations
  • To conduct research for the creation of Social Security Insurance (SSI) in order to counsel the government on legislative and policy issues.
  • To compile the organization’s annual and quarterly reports.
  • To organize the research and development, technical services, and SIDO activities.
  • To supervise and manage the Technology Development Centers’ (TDC’s) activities.
  • To oversee research and encourage the commercialization of findings that are pertinent to SSI.
  • To plan, transmit, and disseminate technology across the nation by sourcing, reverse engineering, and tailoring it to local needs before promoting it to the final consumer.
  • To plan and carry out industrial research in the small-scale industry with the goal of introducing suitable technologies to investors on a small scale.
  • To suggest and coordinate technology advancements aimed at utilizing regional raw resources.
  • After comparing the yearly work plans, budget, and projects and programs of the Regional Offices to the organization’s goals, targets, strategies, and policies, the Director will recommend that the Director General approve them. They’ll put together an overview of the yearly work plans.
  • Examine the annual and quarterly reports from the Regional Office in relation to the organization’s goals, targets, strategies, and policies as well as the approved work plans. They will create policies and guidelines for reporting inside the organization’s policy framework.
  • To create the department’s yearly work plan and budget in conjunction with the personnel in the department. They will draft summaries for the organization’s work plan and budget and submit the work plan to the director general for approval. They will see to it that department employees base the creation of their individual work plans on the department work plan.
  • To compile departmental activity reports for submission to management on a quarterly and annual basis. For inclusion in the organization’s reports, they will compile summaries of these reports.
  • To conduct performance evaluations and work assessments of the personnel. The Director will take action to maintain good relations among the department team members and will deal with complaints when they come up.
  • Both hiring and firing of the department’s employees will be handled by the director.
  • To look for new prospects, conduct research on novel items that can be manufactured on a small scale, and make recommendations regarding the requirements of quality for the commodities that are created.
  • In order to find resources to support the organization’s implementation of its activities, the director will seek to identify strategic partners who are interested in and willing to work with the organization. The director will also make sure that the organization’s interests are well-protected in any partnerships that are entered into.
  • Perform any other duties as may be assigned by the Director General.


Holder of Master Degree in one of the following; Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Agricultural Engineering or equivalent qualifications from recognized institutions. Must be registered by Engineers Registration Board (ERB) as Professional Engineer.


Must have at least ten (10) years in related field of which three (3) years should be held in managerial position.



  1. 45 years or less, excluding those in public service
  2. A current Curriculum Vitae (CV) with dependable connections, including a mailing address and postcode, email address, and phone number, must be attached.
  3. Every applicant needs to be a Tanzanian citizen.
  4. Individuals with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply, and they should specify in the portal that they would like the Public Service Recruitment Secretariat to handle their case.
  5. On the basis of the information provided in this advertisement, applicants should apply;
  6. An applicant should not apply if they are retired from the public service for any reason;
  7. The candidate must list three (3) credible references along with their trustworthy contact information;
  8. The National Examination Council of Tanzania (NECTA) should verify certificates from international examination bodies for either Ordinary or Advanced level education.
  9. The Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) or, if applicable, the National Council for Technical Education (NACTVET), should verify professional certifications from foreign universities and other training facilities.
  10. The application deadline is March 4th, 2024 xvi. The date of the interview will only be communicated to the shortlisted candidates.
  11. The presentation of falsified certificates and other information will need legal action.

SIDO vacancy

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Application attachments

Applicants must attach their certified copies of the following certificates:

  • Postgraduate/Degree/Advanced Diploma/Diploma/Certificates;
  •  Postgraduate/Degree/Advanced Diploma/Diploma transcripts; 
  • Form IV and Form VI National Examination Certificates; 
  • Professional Registration and Training Certificates from respective Registration or Regulatory Bodies such as Engineers Registration Board (ERB) as Professional Engineer.
  • Birth certificate;
  • Attaching copies of the following certificates is strictly not accepted: –
  • Form IV and form VI results slips; 
  • Testimonials and all Partial transcripts
  • An applicant must upload recent Passport Size Photo in the Public Service Secretariat Recruitment Portal
  • An applicant employed in the Public Service should route his/her application letter through his/her respective employer; 

Application through Recruitment portal
NOTE: Applications must be sent either through the Ajira Recruitment Portal by using the following address; (This address also can be found at PSRS Website, Click ‘Recruitment Portal‘) or Released by: ACTING SECRETARY PUBLIC SERVICE RECRUITMENT SECRETARIA…

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