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Ajira Mpya za Mtendaji wa Kijiji at Shinyanga District Council latest Released

Ajira Mpya za Mtendaji wa Kijiji at Shinyanga District Council latest Released

Welcome to our website In This Article, are you looking for Ajira Mpya za Mtendaji wa Kijiji at Shinyanga District Council latest Released Jobs / job vacancy to all qualified Tanzanian applicants nafasi za Mtendaji wa Kijiji. Shinyanga District Council is one of the six Councils that make up Shinyanga region. The council is located between latitude 30.20′ and 30.95′ south of the equator and between longitude 320.30 and 330.30 east of the Greenwich Meridian, south of Lake Victoria. To the east it is bordered by Kishapu District and Shinyanga Municipal Council, to the west it is bordered by Kahama and Geita District, and to the north it is bordered by Kwimba District and to the south by Nzega District. Shinyanga Council was established on January 1, 1984 under the terms of Law 8 and 9 of Local Government (District Authorities) 1982.

EMPLOYERShinyanga District Council
APPLICATION TIMELINE:2024-02-07 – 2024-02-21


  • Chief Executive of the village Government
  • Secretary of the village committee
  • Coordinator of the implementation of Policies and Laws implemented by the Council in the Village
  • Advisor to the Village Committee on Village Development Plans.
  • Supervisor of the Implementation of Bylaws as well as other Laws applicable in the Village
  • Adviser to the Village Committee on Defense and Security issues.
  • The manager of the implementation of various strategies related to the elimination of hunger and poverty in the village.
  • Supervising the collection of Council revenue and keeping records of taxpayers.
  • He will be responsible to the Ward Executive.


Employed with a Fourth (IV) or Sixth (VI) education who has completed a Diploma/Certificate training in one of the following fields: Administration, Law, Social Education, Financial Management, Social Development and Art Science from the Government College of Local Hombolo, Dodoma or any College recognized by the Government.

  • All candidates must be citizens of Tanzania and be no older than 45, with the exception of those employed by the government;
  • In order to provide the Secretariat of Employment in the Public Service with information, applicants with disabilities are urged to apply and are required to indicate on the job application system what disabilities they have. Additionally, all applicants must attach a certified copy of their birth certificate from a lawyer or attorney.
  • Candidates who are currently employed by the government and who meet the requirements to join a different cadre than them should send their application letters for open posts. Both their employers and employers themselves ought to be satisfied in this regard.
  • A thorough resume including three reputable referees’ names, addresses, and phone numbers should be attached by the candidate.
  • All applications must be accompanied by professional certificates, information, copies of birth certificates, Form Four and Form Six certificates (if applicable), and certificates of various trainings based on the requirements of the relevant work. These certificates must be certified by a lawyer or attorney.
  • “Advanced Diploma/Postgraduate/Degree/Diploma/Certificates. – Computer Certificate – Form IV and VI Exam Certificate – Academic Certificates (Professional certificates from respective boards)” vii. Documents for the fourth and sixth forms (FORM IV AND FORM VI RESULTS SLIPS), such as “Testmonials,” “Provisional Results,” and “Statement of results,” WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
  • Candidates who completed their education outside of Tanzania should make sure the appropriate authorities (TCU, NECTA, and NACTE) have validated and approved their certificates.
  • Retired public servants are not eligible to apply unless they receive the Chief Secretary’s permission.
  • Applicants for jobs who are currently working in entry-level positions in the public sector are advised not to apply and to adhere to the guidelines provided in CAC. 45/257/01/D/140, dated November 30, 2010, as well as the Circular.
  • Legal action will be conducted in response to information submission and the parties’ fabricated characteristics.

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The recent Ajira Mpya za Mtendaji wa Kijiji at Shinyanga District Council latest Released. The deadline for sending job applications is February 21th, 2024.

How-to Apply
All applications must be sent through Recruitment Portal by using the following address; and not otherwise (This address also can be found at PSRS Website, Click ‘Recruitment Portal’)
Remember to attach your signed job application letter together with educational certificates, the address of the letter should be addressed to;
Mkurugenzi wa Manispaa
Halmashauri ya Shinyanga
S.L.P 28
Ajira portal application status
To see the ‘STATUS’ of your job application, go to the ‘MY APPLICATION’ section after logging into your account. This section will allow you to see the interview number for those who were successful and the reason for not being called for those who were unsuccessful…

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