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Agronomist and Extension Specialist Jobs at Fintrac Global Inviting Applicants

Agronomist and Extension Specialist Jobs at Fintrac Global Inviting Applicants

Welcome to our website In This Article, are you looking for Agronomist and Extension Specialist Jobs at Fintrac Global Inviting Applicants job vacancy released today to all Tanzanian qualified. With a focus on agricultural development in emerging economies, Fintrac Global Inc. (FGI) is a US-based small business that has received certification from the Small Business Administration (SBA). We assist farming families, company owners, and agribusinesses in enhancing production and the availability of wholesome foods, boosting incomes, bolstering resilience to climate change, and expanding into new markets through the use of locally relevant knowledge, technology, and inputs. Our goal is to equip the next generation of smallholder farmers and agribusiness owners to satisfy the growing global demand for food security in a sustainable manner.

Job title:Agronomist and Extension Specialist
Jobs at:Fintrac Global
Deadline of this Job:Friday, February 09 2024
Duty StationWithin Tanzania , Dar es Salaam, East Africa

Under the USAID-funded Feed the Future Tanzania Kilimo Tija Activity, FGI is carrying out a subcontract with ACDI/VOCA in Tanzania with the goal of transforming the country’s horticultural market system into one that is more resilient, competitive, inclusive, and lively in order to drive long-term growth and attract new opportunities. FGI is looking for an agronomist and an extension specialist in the Morogoro Region as part of its subcontract.


In order to assist them use and implement the right technology and skills and sustainably raise the productivity and profitability of their enterprises and agricultural business, support women’s and youth groups, VBAAs, input supply firms, agro dealers, and farmers.


  • Determine which horticulture industry clients and stakeholders are suitable, then suggest them to the Senior Agronomist or Partnership Specialist so they can receive program support.
  • Support smallholder farmer groups in their establishment and growth, as well as their involvement in our grower schemes and other group activities that are pertinent to the goals of the program.
  • In partnership with input supply firms, identify and assist in the creation of training materials for youth groups, agro dealers, VBAAs, and lead farmers in product understanding.
  • In order to encourage their commercialization, follow up on the productivity-enhancing innovations that are accessible from input firms, research institutes, and model farmers. Communicate with stakeholders, Feed the Future Tanzania Kilimo Tija Partnerships, and business development teams.
  • Work together with input supply businesses and senior agronomists to facilitate the building and maintenance of technology demonstration sites that serve as hubs for training and demand generation.
  • Cooperation, Education, and Adjustment (CLA)
  • cooperatively organizing and carrying out events with partners or other KTA employees. Establish a good rapport with the team and assist in resolving challenges involving varying levels of knowledge.
  • Make ensuring that KTA activities are planned and implemented in a coordinated manner across all components, including GEOs, grantees, production, finance, and marketing.
  • Determine which business development opportunities with the government, the private sector, other partners, and smallholder farmers working with KTA need to be handled by other KTA staff members and share this information with peers and supervisors.
  • With other KTA employees, decide how to handle issues that are found.
  • Work along with other employees to keep an eye on any assistance provided to the government, the private sector, or smallholder farmers collaborating with KTA to address concerns that have been identified.
  • Assist smallholder farmers and horticultural private sector companies with the distribution of goods and services by collaborating with like-minded organizations and businesses.
  • regular and sporadic gathering and observation of beneficiary information
  • Gather information for each activity that is carried out on a weekly basis and turn it in to the MEL Specialist or enter it straight into Activity Info.
  • Assist recipients of grants, MSMEs, GEOs, and other partners in gathering, submitting, and reporting data to KTA.
  • Gather both baseline and follow-up data. M4 and OCA
  • Work together with the MEL Specialist to guarantee that the Organization Capacity Assessment and performance indicator-based baseline data are available to all MSMEs and grantees collaborating with KTA.
  • Keep an eye on data gathering, analysis, and use it to guide project interventions.
  • Assist KTA employees, grantees, MSMEs, GEOs, and other partners with gathering, submitting, and reporting data to KTA.
  • Make sure the KTA dashboard includes up-to-date, high-quality data for learning, evidence-based decision-making, and progress tracking by collaborating with the MEL Manager and Database Specialist.
  • Behavior periodic reflection and pause sessions with stakeholders.
  • Conduct quarterly pause and reflect meetings with stakeholders, such as grantees, MSMEs, GEOs, and other collaborators working with KTA, based on quarterly feedback reports. The goal is to identify critical learning points and establish adaptive management methods.
  • Take part in internal meetings to pause, reflect, and propose methods for adaptation to enhance project interventions and collaborate with stakeholders.
  • Create Memorandums of Understanding and Engagements with private and public suppliers and producers of goods and services in order to provide services to smallholder farmers and private sector companies in the horticultural industry.
  • Perform any additional tasks and obligations that are occasionally allocated.


  • A bachelor’s degree in agriculture, horticulture, botany, agronomy, or a similar discipline is a minimum requirement.
  • a minimum of five years of professional experience in a facility that supports the scaling of seeds and technology in the agriculture sector, or in the agro input supply industry.
  • Excellent production knowledge in horticulture is a must, along with strong leadership abilities and a track record of accomplishments in agricultural development initiatives.
  • Experience in Tanzania’s horticultural sector, either past or present, is advantageous.
  • outstanding oral and writing communication abilities
  • The capacity to work autonomously and deliver high-caliber messages on short notice.
  • total proficiency in both written and spoken English and Kiswahili
  • proficiency with various media creation/editing software and Microsoft Office.
Work Hours 8
Experience in Months 60
Level of Education Bachelor Degree

Job application procedure

Agronomist and Extension Specialist Jobs at Fintrac Global Inviting Applicants Please send cover letter and updated resume to no later than February 09, 2024. The subject line of the email should include the job title and location.

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