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The latest 9 Jobs of Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers at Precision Air

The latest 9 Jobs of Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers at Precision Air

Welcome to our website In This Article, are you looking for The latest 9 Jobs of Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers at Precision Air Released job vacancy to all qualified Tanzanian applicants. The Precision Air is an airline based in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. It serves tourists and businessmen traveling between 10 airports in Tanzania, as well as flights to Kenya and Uganda.

9 Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers

Precision Air

Within Tanzania , Dar es Salaam, East Africa
Not revealed

Role Purpose Statement:

Complete and certify all inspection, maintenance, and replacement tasks on aircraft and aircraft systems. Within his/her dual scope of approval, perform certification in compliance with TCAA and company guidelines at the lowest possible cost to the business while maintaining high safety standards to preserve schedule integrity.


  • Utilizing the license/approval privileges in connection with the completion of planned, unplanned, and defect-rectification tasks in order to guarantee that maintenance is completed in accordance with the necessary standards and that the operating program is completed effectively and safely.
  • Maintaining schedule integrity through timely aircraft release through the recording and issuance of Certificates of Release to Service for work completed in compliance with current Maintenance Data, Company processes, and related regulatory requirements.
  • Maintain line and base operations, evaluate problems, troubleshoot, and rectify them in compliance with manufacturer and corporate protocols to ensure the safe and timely release of aircraft during scheduled downtime and maintain airworthiness.
  • Evaluating the work and resources allotted and necessary to guarantee quick defect correction using personnel that have been assigned.
  • Notifying the Maintenance Manager of any upcoming issues, concerns, or service disruptions that could affect the running program. Keeping the Maintenance Manager updated on all the work he completes while on duty.
  • To guarantee system integrity, conduct and certify duplicate inspections on the aircraft’s and the engines’ safety-critical systems.
  • Ensuring that employees who are directly under your supervision follow the safety and technical guidelines that are outlined in published manuals and other publications.
  • Setting clear priorities for the employees you have been assigned will help to guarantee that resources are used effectively and that the flight departs on schedule and safely.
  • Ensuring that, in order to satisfy company needs, documents and its certification are completed on time and in accordance with established protocols.
  • Prior to being fitted to the aircraft or component, make sure that all replacement parts and components are of an acceptable type, appropriately certified and released, and subjected to a physical inspection.
  • Make sure that the removed components are handled, labeled, blanked, and directed to the appropriate part or location.
  • When overseeing the work of others, make sure that the right tools are used to complete the task at hand and that appropriate standards of workmanship and quality are maintained.
  • Make sure the technician or certifying engineer meets the aircraft upon arrival, and that the crews receive a proper debriefing to guarantee that faults are precisely identified and documented.
  • Maintaining accurate and current aircraft history and data requires that maintenance tasks be duly recorded and signed for.
  • Coordinate the movement of aircraft being towed to and from hangars by coordinating with the tower or apron control and managing the aircraft systems required for a timely and safe departure.
  • Make sure all safety procedures are followed, and take an active part in the company SMS.
  • Respect the company’s environmental, health, and safety policies.
  • Oversee and train technicians to increase their proficiency and productivity.
  • performing any additional tasks that your supervisor may properly give you.


  • Proactive;
  • Strong team player;
  • Able to work under time constraints to keep flight schedules
  • Possess a track record of integrity, accountability, and transparency;
  • Be able to manage a variety of responsibilities without sacrificing quality;
  • Be able to operate independently in a hostile environment;
  • Exhibit leadership qualities;
  • Have strong interpersonal communication skills; be analytical; and
  • Be safety sensitive.

Qualification Required:

  • A recognized apprenticeship program in conjunction with a diploma or degree in the relevant engineering subject
  • Clearance on at least one type of aircraft in addition to dual LWTR
  • The following type ratings apply to an ICAO type II license, an EASA B1 or B2, or both. ATR 42/72
  • Familiarity with base and/or line maintenance
  • Experience with ATR 72/42 recently, with at least six months’ worth of certification records during the previous two years (a signed/stamped logbook and/or verification letter will be required)
  • Thorough understanding of aircraft systems
  • Proficiency with software for computers
  • Techniques for inspection and troubleshooting
  • Supervisory skills
  • Fluent in English
  • Knowledgeable on TCAA regulations
  • Knowledgeable on PW procedures
  • Human factors knowledge
  • Knowledge on SMS
Work Hours 8
Experience in Months 24
Level of Education Associate Degree

Job application procedure

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